Murder at Tara's

6:30 for drinks & clues.
Show starts at 7:15 PM.
Ticket includes meal & samosa.
Tara's Himalayan on Venice Blvd.

You are invited to Tara's Himalayan on Venice Blvd. to attend Murder at Tara's, an original whodunnit by G. T. Karber combining a delicious Himalayan dinner with a mystery that is sure to astound and delight.

Industrialist Immanuel Indigo has announced a public reading of his will-- while he's still alive. Torn between his daughter and his new wife, he hopes to put the matter to rest for good. Unfortunately, he might not make it to the end of the meal! And if he dies, it's up to you to solve the case!

Eat a meal, watch a show, investigate the clues, and decide who you think dunnit in this brand new murder mystery from Hollywood mystery writer G. T. Karber.

Packed with surprises, prizes, and samosas for all, and including your choice of vegan or animal meal, Murder at Tara's is certain to please the detective in everyone: so come see the show, the first Sunday of every month, at Tara's Himalayan Cuisine!

Starring Jessica BerĂ³n & Suzi Green
Produced by Eric Barnard
Co-produced by Eva Darocha
Alcohol will be available for purchase.